• San Francisco Bay sunrise with sun rays over Oakland

    I call this one Layers of Light. The sun breaking through the early morning fog over Oakland's harbor generates amazing sun rays, and produces many layers of light on, and above, San Francisco Bay.

  • 2020

    My impression of our polarized world is adapted from one of the brilliant displays featured in "Island Universe" by Josiah McElheny, installed at the Canter Arts Center, Stanford University, CA. Their website description states: "In the case of Island Universe, viewers might feel as though they’re able to see the beginning of time." I fear it shows the future. Photograph taken with permission.

  • San Francisco Skyline Reflections

    Playing with a 400mm lens on The Avery located at 488 Folsom St. in San Francisco. The very long lens creates an optical illusion regarding the relative position of these three tall buildings.

  • San Francisco Skyline Reflections

    Playing with a 400mm lens on The Avery located at 488 Folsom St. in San Francisco.

  • Cheery Blossoms at Shrine Island, Japan

    Taken on Miyajima island, (Shrine Island), formerly known as Itsukushima, at the site of a sacred Shinto Shrine. First built in 593, the shrine and its torii gate are unique for being built over water, seemingly floating in the sea during high tide.

  • Penetrating Light in Shrine, Naoshima, Japan

    Light penetrates this very narrow underground tunnel. Located in the Honmure Art House Project in Naoshima, this very narrow tunnel, beneath the renovated Go'o Shine, is based on Shinto shrine structure from the 17-19 century Edo period when Japanese society was under the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate and the country's 300 regional daimyō.

  • Family Picnics, Ritsurin Park, Japan

    Families Picnic under Cherry Blossom Trees in Ritsurin Park

  • Zen Rock Garden, Kyoto

    Simple and remarkable rectangual Zen garden. There are no trees in the garden, only 15 rocks and immaticulately mantained white gravel.

  • Golden Pavilion, Kyoto

    Kinkakuji Temple of the Golden Pavilion on rainy day

  • Geisha and Maiko, Japan

    Geisha and apprentice geisha, (maiko) in Kyoto. The stunning kimomo are 100% silk. The nape of the Maiko's neck has the typical W shape of clear skin, and the scarlet-fringed collar of a maiko's kimono hangs very loosely in the back. These accentuate the nape of the neck, which is considered a primary erotic area in Japanese sexuality.

  • Sunset in Gion, Kyoto

    Evening in Gion district, Kyoto

  • Camp Fire smoke over San Francisco Bay

    One man's pollution is also his spectacular sunrise. Our view of Camp Fire smoke over San Francisco Bay after sunrise on Monday, Nov 10, 2018. Until today the smoke has been too dense to see this spectacular effect.

  • Holi Elephant Monument, Udaipur, India

    At a Holi Festival. Holi, the Hindu Festival of colors welcomes spring and celebrates the triumph of good over evil in song, feasts and by covering everybody and everything thing with bright colored powders.

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