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"I try to make interesting subjects more interesting" - Me

I am Mike Watson and I thank you for visiting my website.  Four years ago I picked photography as a hobby with no real idea about the kind of photography I wanted to do.  Living in San Francisco, California - a target rich environment - I initially gravitated towards landscape photography.   I have since added travel, night, cityscape, indoor, and black and white photography as the opportunities have presented themselves.

My varied background in consulting and business operations in the software industry encouraged me to take on the intimidating challenges of learning Photoshop, Lightroom and their related add-ins, and I am now experimenting with applying creative digital dark room techniques to make my images more interesting. 

As a Facilitator, I assist with photography workshops for the Point Reyes Field Institute in California. 

I am the author of the articles listed below. At workshops I saw first-hand that people wanted to learn more about particular topics, and how to apply the tools and techniques to their workflow.  I also saw that discussions of photography can be turned technical by those who like to argue how many photons dance on the head of a pixel. There is nothing wrong with that if it makes you happy, but having done that I have reached the conclusion that you don't look for accumulation of technical knowledge to improve your photos.  This has now resulted in publication of the following non-technical and workflow oriented articles:

Getting it Right in the Camera - The Imagination Game: 

Part 1 Light (Photo.net)

Part 2 Composition (Photo.net)

Part 3 Shooting Strategy (photo.net)

Getting it Right in the Camera (PictureCorrect)

Organize your Folders in Adobe Lightroom (PictureCorrect)

Organize and Find Your Images in Adobe Lightroom (Photo.net)

Planning your Landscape Photography with TPE (Photo.net)

Photographing Star Trails (Photo.net)

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